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Emile Kamwenubusa, Co-founder is a Burundian Agronomist Engineer with extensive experience in community development and in training producer organizations. From October 2007 to present, he is working as an independent consultant in sustainable agriculture and community development.

Kahawa Bora Ya Kivu in South Kivu at Bukavu to implement a specialty coffee project with CPCK,PCPK and KCCO coffee farmer cooperative. For five years (From October 2017 to November 2012) he worked as the Coffee Value Chain Manager for the USAID-funded Burundi Agri-Business Program (BAP), where he coordinated all activities concerning small producer’s organization development. For the coffee sector, he managed the coffee production and productivity component, the coffee quality improvement and the marketing and promotion for specialty coffees.

From 2003 to 2007, Emile Kamwenubusa worked as independent agronomist consultant. With the support of SOLIDARIDAD an Netherland organization, he implemented the first Utz-certified coffee project in Sogestal (Coffee Washing Management Company) of Kirundo Muyinga.

From 1996 to 2003, Emile acquired valuable experience as a General Manager within Sogestal Ngozi (Coffee Washing Management Company). During these seven years, he managed an agribusiness company in production, processing and marketing green coffee through a high quality management system. Kamwenubusa Emile earned his degree at Burundi University from 1982 to 1987, where he studied Agronomist Engineering. He also participated in a training on project management at the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) in 1994 and took part in many international coffee conferences and exhibitions throughout Africa, Europe, and the U.S.A

Tharcisse Niyungeko co-founder of ABS, is an expert of the coffee business for over 38 years. Tharcisse began his career as head of Quality Control and chief of the Burundi Coffee Board Laboratory. Eleven years later he became the Production Manager of the SODECO dry mill. Following his ambition Tharcisse was asked to take the position of Director of Quality Control for a private export company in Burundi, a post he held for over 8 years. Tharcisse was appointed as the Coffee Quality and Logistics Specialist for the USAID funded Burundi Agribusiness Program with a well rounded background in coffee, he brings valuable experience to his role of assisting in the training of Burundi cuppers, facilitating quality initiatives at both wet and dry mills, and overseeing logistics and transportation of specialty coffee from Burundi.

Since 1987, Tharcisse be trained in coffee processing and coffee quality control in France and visits Coffee Traders and Roasters in Europe. He also took part of many international Coffee Conferences and Exhibitions in Africa (African Fine Coffees-AFCA) and in USA (Speciality Coffee of America – SCA).